At Gamera Interactive, our thriving and vibrant community is the heartbeat of what we do and we're often asked how to offer even more support. However, we believe in a more reciprocal approach than simply asking for donations. Hence, after thoughtful consideration, we want to introduce The Guild, a program that empowers you to endorse us and receive something valuable in return, right away. Be assured, this isn't about accumulating wealth. Instead, each contribution will be devoted to elevating Alaloth and crafting a more immersive experience for all of you, just as we've consistently done, reinvesting everything into the world of Plamen and our dedicated team.



You'll earn tokens simply by being an active member of our community: by posting, inviting others, and engaging with our server. These tokens, earned freely and generously, unlock many different rewards to be claimed, ranging from PC and console games to physical goodies. But for those who want to take their involvement to the next level, we're offering new options, to gain access to a vault of exclusive content, with early access to updates and features. Dive into a calendar filled with sub-exclusive events, including Q&A sessions with the team, special AMAs, and community challenges. Enjoy boosted experience gains, allowing you to unlock customizations, perks, badges. Climb the ranks and stand out in style! Be the first to experience new features, updates. Stay ahead of the curve and provide valuable feedback to help shape the future of Alaloth!


In this exclusive initiative, we're inviting you to step into the heart of Alaloth's development: isn't just about backing a project; it's about becoming a vital part of its very essence. As a Keeper, you're not only unlocking a selection of extraordinary perks, but you're also gaining a coveted seat at the table with our talented development team. Imagine, being woven into the very fabric of Alaloth's universe. Whether as an in-game character, a signature item, or even a special area, your presence will be felt by every player who ventures into the world we have created as a craft of love. You'll gain unparalleled access to behind-the-scenes insights, witnessing the birth and evolution of Alaloth before the world gets a glimpse. Your support is the cornerstone of our success as small indie developer, and together, there's no limit to what we can achieve!