give your INDIE game a second chance

Since a few time, Steam has become a super crowded store as the whole PC market as well. There are a lot of super cool products that didn't get the visibility they deserved and didn't sold the way the developer thought. This can happen especially to indie studios, completely focused on development, not working properly on marketing and public relations, which are completely different topics. The good news is that Gamera Interactive can help you with your old game with a brand new publishing program tailored on small studios with released games under their belt. Drop us a line to know about ReLaunch!


• Games out on PC/consoles (all stores from developers all over the world), that sold less than 15.000 units (no matter what the release date has been)

• We are especially looking for visual novels, platformers, puzzle games fitting with our line-up (but we can talk about almost everything)

• Developers willing to rework the game a little bit to set-up a brand new edition of their game (i.e. "Deluxe Edition"). You are going to say to us what you are able to do with the rework

• We would like to work on games ideally ready for ReLaunch in a month since the deal is signed. We use a very smart contract for these deals (3 pages)

• Smart people ready to work following our Producers on day by day basis


• We are going to launch the game (again) as a brand new release from Gamera Interactive, doing marketing and public relations

• We are going to present the game to publishers to work on new releases or we are going to port it by ourselves, taking care of everything

• We are going to bundle your game with our products (pushing sales to our 300.000 users on Steam) or creating ad hoc sales or special initiative using our portfolio

• We can go retail selling through our shop, Amazon and retailers in EU (it depends on the game), covering all costs

• We offer a 50-50% share on all incomes generated by PC digital stores