It is the label born to actively promote the crucial cultural role that videogames have today in our life. It has been thought to promote projects, events, talks and anything helping to build a community and furthering the dialogue around videogames. All of this in order to improve the prospects of young people aiming for a career in the industry or individuals eager to know more about videogames as key medium. 


Gamera Gameslab is running the very first course in Italy to became Game Producer and even brought videogames in High Schools in the country for the first time in 2018, starting the first italian course for young students approaching game development. Gamera Gameslab’s approach is centered on real-world industry experience and creative problem solving. 



Gamera Gameslab partnered with Insight to organize the DStars Awards, to celebrate Italian game developers.  DStars is a new initiative to recognize and celebrate the work of the people behind the scenes of the Italian games industry. 100+ Italian professionals voting each other every year, no jury. Actually at work on something special.