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There are currently no vacancies available

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Due to the large number of applications we receive, we sometime organize a full day of interview with people applying! Check out this page to get latest news on the next Hiring Day on the way!

Where? On our Discord Server
How to apply? Send a mail to jobs@gameragames.net to let us know the position you are applying for and your level of experience [i.e. Hiring Day - Junior Progammer or Hiring Day - Senior Concept Artist]. If you want to apply for a Senior role, take into account you ideally have at least 5+ years experience in the role / 2+ games delivered [no mobile, console releases are a plus]
Remote job? Yes, it is full remote job [even for internships]
What kind of contract you offer? Depending on Experience, we can offer any kind of contract from consultancy to permanent. 

DATES 2023