Developer 68K Studios Publisher Gamera Interactive


The 7th Circle - Endless Nightmare is a First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG for hardcore gamers. Inspired by classic games from the 90s, the game adds new juicy features to modernize a classic genre of role playing games.
The 7th Circle - Endless Nightmare is a journey into your subconscious; each character, each Alter Ego, represents a different personality, but they are all sharing the same goal: to discover what is hidden in the darkest part of your mind and free it from its demons. The blood slowly flows down from your wrists. You're about to are finally going to die, you know it. The blade falls from your hand. You hit the floor in a puddle of blood.
You are dying. And this is just the beginning of your journey.


• Customize your skills, attributes, trails and perks
• 60 spells available, items, power-up for your character
• Random generated dungeons: 50+ hours gameplay and lot of secrets hidden • Perma-death is real: if your character dies you have to create a new one
• Turn-based combats
• Crafting system to create and upgrade your weapons or medicines