Developer Studio Albatros, Drink7 Studios Publisher Gamera Interactive


Laika 1.0 was not a success. You, Laika 2.0, are. As Laika 2.0 you'll experience the life of a special biologically enhanced KGB chimpanzee agent.
You'll need to avoid enemies, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps along the way, in a beautiful environment mixed with an appealing graphic.
You'll need to push yourself to the limit if you want to get to the end of your mission...alive.
Everything and everyone wants to kill you because there are things that should never be let out of their box. Move silently to uncover all the mysteries of the Ogdoade in an extremely complex spy story.
Just when you feel you are close to the solution, everything will start looking weird again, only to find yourself in an even deeper slump.
Do you have what it takes to defeat the terrorists of the Ogdoade? Will you be able to succeed?


• The game is level based and every level is a composition of several revisitable rooms.
• The player's goal in each level is to achieve an objective, getting through the puzzles that separates a room from the other one, where the objective can be achieved.
• Also, objectives can be complex, consisting of two or three sub-objectives.
• Furthermore, every level has a special puzzle room, like a sort of "boss fight".
•  Laika 2.0 - Sekret Pravda doesn't need more than one difficulty mode, as every level is made to be harder than the previous one. You will see it!