SGC 2019 has been a blast and...juicy news are on the way!

Ljubljana is such an amazing city and we enjoyed every moment in the amazing city hosting the Slovenian Game Conference. Lot of inspiring people, great games and good friends (hello Patrice!). Gamera Interactive attended the expo with 4 different games: The Wardrobe - Even Better Edition, The 7th Circle - Endless Nightmare, Timothy and the Mysterious Forest and 5 Minutes Rage - Hatred Edition, our latest multiplayer action game coming out on Steam in a while through ReLaunch publishing program. Moreover, Gamera CEO Alberto Belli gave a speech on the production of Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms, talking about our journey in the last year. Lot of things happened! No spoilers but the speech is gone with a last slide teasing an important announcement for today. And yes, this is happening later on, 9AM PST! Stay tuned!