Hello world, what a crazy summer we had! August has been super busy for us but, hey, GamesCom is gone and we dropped a new trailer for Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms. The game release has shifted to 2021 after many discussion with our publisher. But we added new platforms as PlayStation 4 and Switch for a simultaneous release and we are probably going to add something else on the way (stay tuned!). You can check GamesCom trailer here and always remember to add the game to your wishlist. It has been amazing to have been featured by IGN during their live show at the event. Not bad to be almost on stage in the most important events in the world in such a short time. So a big combo with E3 PC Gaming Show! Kudos to the teams (both us and All In! Games!). We are going to give extra info about the new release date asap on our Steam page so keep an eye on it! Meanwhile, we've finally released Midnight Caravan on PC, entering Early Access on August 24. We've worked on the game in 2017 and it has been literally one click far to be published but we decided to keep it on ice for a while, doing our own stuff and looking for a publisher.

Recently things have changed so we decided to go on with self-publishing and it's super fine! You can buy the game here, happy to know about your feed! Last but not least, we can proudly tell that we've signed two more games to be produced and published by the end of the year, so Timothy and The Mysterious Forest will be in good company in our third parties portfolio. On top of that, one more release through ReLaunch, following Boss Defiance Heroic Edition! Laika 2.0 Sekret Pravda is on its way too so three new games by December. Not bad!