About COVID, Alaloth, future plans and things going on here!

It has been a while since the last update we had here on the website, about on going projects and things happening around the studio. We've posted a massive update just after the announcement of the publishing deal we've signed with All In! Games, the publisher helping us delivering Alaloth to you all. We've been super happy having the chance to be open on what's happened in 2019, having a big impact on the project. And we've been super happy to have finally the chance to plan things with a clear horizon in mind, for the first time. So we sat down and set-up a very cool strategy with the amazing people at All In and we had a sort of new official kick-off in January: new offices, new people, new resources and the idea of have survived a storm finally going to the end. So we hired new people and relocated them, started fresh on many different topics we had to freeze for a while and finally got a clear roadmap to deliver our most ambitious project so far, landing on PC and Xbox by the end of the year. But a new storm was approaching and we dind't aware of this. No one was, actually.

Lot of people asked us how COVID impacted on our pipeline and lot of people thought it would have been easy for a dev studio, switching on a remote pipeline. And this is true, in some way. We started working remotely on March 8th, with new hirings arriving at studio on March 5th. We had to revert the whole pipeline to handle everything remotely, but we had people stuck in the middle of the relocation, living in an ARBNB room and suddendly locked down far from home, family, friends. When you handle a project such Alaloth, you have to take into account that it's quiet impossible to jump in being 100% operative without studying the project a bit. And it has been pretty impossible for the newcomers. The last two months have been weird and we can say we ended up working at 50% of the capacity but still: we did it. Things are slowly moving on and tomorrow, Italy is officially starting a new phase of the lockdown with a few industries back at work. 

Cool, in theory, but Italy is not the smartest place to work and to be 100% operative we'll need to go through a new kick-off phase, understanding how to be compliant with the new safety rules for offices like ours. We'll probably be back 100% in June and let's hope things will be ok by that date. We had huge plans for E3 as we had for GDC, Reboot Develop, Digital Dragons, Nordic Game and other top conferences all around the world. All is gone now but, hey, surprises on the way!